why outdoor

Grab their attention in a BIG way. Outdoor advertising can do just that. Billboards are Bold, Colorful, & Dynamic. Let JM Outdoor put the POWER of outdoor advertising to work for your business.

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

1. Location

Ads can be placed on well-traveled roadways for maximum exposure to a wide audience. Or they can be strategically located to guide customers to the business being advertised.


Large colorful billboards with striking images get noticed. Your message will be seen... and you will stand out from your competition.

3. Effectiveness

Outdoor advertising is very effective in communicating a simple idea or message. The most effective designs focus on a single idea. They capture the eye and deliver the message that you want to send to customers about your business.

4. Great at Repetition

Outdoor ads are on display around the clock... 24 hours a day... 365 days a year. They can't be turned off or thrown away. And they're very difficult to ignore. Give it a try sometime while you're driving...it's hard not to look at billboards.

5. Good Support/Reminder Medium

Outdoor advertising can certainly stand alone. But it can also be used effectively as a good mix in an overall advertising campaign with other media. And billboards are a great reminder...often serving as the “last straw” in a customer's buying decision.

6. Cost Effective

Billboards deliver the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) of any advertising medium, allowing your advertising dollars to go further and provide a greater return for your business.

7. Digital/Electronic Billboards

Technology is taking outdoor advertising to a whole new level with the vibrant colors and crystal-clear displays of electronic billboards. Digital displays are perfect for businesses that want the impact of traditional outdoor advertising combined with the flexibility of the internet age.

What are the benefits of Digital/Electronic billboards?

  • No Production Costs (printing, shipping, etc.)

  • Multiple ad messages can be displayed or rotated

  • More flexibility to change messages with greater frequency